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Living My Sicily Dream Through The Scent of Light Blue

I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for citrus scent because it is so refreshing. Been in love with the scent of D&G Light Blue by Oliver Cresp since the first time.

Now, summer is over but I still feel wearing the scent everyday of the year. Light Blue to my nose is a very energizing, happy scent. It opens up with the refreshing zingy lemon notes, pleasantly sharp maybe because of the cedar. After it has had time to warm up on the skin the floral notes come into play. But very subtly. I find a delicious watery humid note mixed in with a whisper of rose. Maybe it’s the bamboo that gives it that humid quality. I sprayed my self with it in the morning and now its late evening and I’m enjoying the delicious woody dry down. I choose to wear it until now.

I remember we had an OJT duty at the delivery section of the hospital wearing scrub suit. After duty, time to go to my real night duty work at the call center. I just had a little time and can’t go home so I need to change to my work suit and ask my nursing guy friend to bring home with him my scrub suit. At work, he sent me a text message asking what’s the name of my perfume cause he so much loved it and want to buy one for his girlfriend. It was funny, cause he told me he sniffed on my scrub suit and liked the scent so much. Silly!

Light blue (for women) perfume by D&G is a casual  breezy sparkling floral citrus scent that evokes the spirit of Sicilian summers. Perfect for the tropical season here in the Philippines, always warm during day time all of the year.

D&G describes this as a refreshing scent with mouthwatering notes of lemon, lime, apple, bluebells, cedar, calming bamboo and rose that evokes the image of South woods on the seashore making it the perfect blend for a hot summer day.

It is my dream to go to Sicily, a summer escapade with my sweet lover. I find everything I have imagined trapped inside this bottle. It evokes im­ages of clear blue skies, sparkling Mediterranean sea, scary twisted road, want to try Sicilian seafood, branches of trees laden with huge scented lemons, the smells, the sounds (sigh) until then, I must live my dream through this beautiful scent that has captured the perfect Sicilian summer in a bottle. That’s the only fulfillment for my dream…just for now!

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