Questions About My Faith?

Monday, last week, unexpectedly my friend ask me how was my Sunday off? Did you go to church?

Oooopsss. It is a topic, I never discuss with anyone because I respect every belief no matter what religion you may have but I responded, “I don’t go to a church in the terms of a building every Sunday. Mainly because I can’t find a church that I’m completely comfortable in. However, I am a Christian Catholic that visits a place called Carmelite Monastery anytime or any day, where I feel solace in praying and meditation.” 
At the back of my mind, “Please don’t say anything else, let’s just end the topic.” but then she uttered, “You should sometimes go to church, it may help.”
I can’t help but respond again, “It doesn’t matter what my beliefs are, what matters most is what I do and how I do it.“And that ends the conversation. I am glad.🙂

I know I have spiritual faith somehow a bit of spiritual agnosticism. My last respond above defines what agnosticism is. Simple as that. No need to measure or prove my faith, I guess.

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